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My American Dream.

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Essay Preview: My American Dream.

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My American Dream

Owning a home plays a large role in my version of the American dream. I want to be successful at what I do and I want to be making enough money to support a family. But more than anything, I want happiness. Owning my own home would be a step in the right direction.

In my life I have moved a lot. I have grown to believe that moving more is a result of not owning your own house. When I grow up I want to have a place that I know is mine forever. A place in which I can remodel and paint whenever I wanted to without the consent of anyone else. A place that I know I am safe in and don't ever have to leave against my will. A good place for my family to be raised and my kids to have life long friends close by. I want somewhere that I can stay for a long time, so that my children won't have to move as constantly as I have.

I know that achieving this goal will not be easy. Prices on houses in southern California have been rising rapidly and by the time I am ready to buy one, who knows how high they will be. The average price of a house in San Diego County as of April 2006 was about $505,000. That's a lot of money. And on top of that, you have your house payment. Which just adds to the mess. But this is just another challenge I am willing to take. I want to be successful and how can you do that if you never put yourself up for new things?

I won't need a huge house, just a cozy house in a safe neighborhood, and I will be fine. I want this more for the family that I hope to have than for myself. I want this because it is something I haven't really had. Living with a single mother who works full time at a not too providing job, I have never really felt as if I were home. I would just barely be getting settled into a house, and we would be moving again. I never had a place that I felt was always going to be the place I went to at the end of every day. This is one



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