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Equipment used

* Conical flask

* Filter

* Funnel

* Beaker

* Stirring rod

* Evaporating basin

* Bunsen burner

* Watch glass


For this coursework I had to find out the Cations and Anions for a given substance. This is the method I used.

Firstly I measured out 5 grams of Mummion and added it to a 100 cm3 of distilled water I stirred this for a little while until I was left with a red solution. Next I filtered this solution through filter paper into a conical flask. I now had a clear solution, I put this solution into an evaporating basin until all the water had evaporated and I was left with some white crystals. I gathered these crystals and put them into a watch glass.

Now I had to find out the Cations and Anions present in this substance. Firstly I done the flame test which gave me that Cations that where present in this and then I done some specific test for to find Anions. After doing all of this I found my Cations and Anions that where present in the Mummion sample that I was given.



I found out what Cations where present by doing a flame test. When I put my substance in the Bunsen burner I got a bright yellow colour which means that the Cation for my substance was sodium ions.


To find the Anions I had to go through a series of tests to find out which Anion was present. From all the tests I found out that the test for bromine halide worked



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