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Mr2300 Apple Computers

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Would College students be receptive to attending Prince Philip Drive of College of the North Atlantic if they were required to use Apple Computers

DATE:         December 2, 2016

TO:                 Mr. Paul Tilley
                MR2300 Business Research


SUBJECT:         Formal Report on Would College students be receptive to attending Prince Philip                         Drive of College of the North Atlantic if they were required to use Apple                                 computers

I am submitting the attached report, entitled Would College students be receptive to attending Prince Philip Drive of College of the North Atlantic if they were required to use Apple computers, in accordance with the requirements for MR2300 Business Research, December 2016.

The report shows just how many student would and wouldn’t attend the College of the North Atlantic if they were required to use an Apple computer to complete their programs at Prince Philip Drive. Fifth teen surveys were distributed and returned at a later date. The surveys showed detailed information about how the students felt about this change along with their computer habits. The hypotheses for this topic was that 70% of students would still attend the college with this requirement in place, after the surveys were retrieved it showed that only 53.33% of students felt this way.

As well, the report shows how Prince Philip Drive of College of the North Atlantic will use the survey to help determine the validity of incorporating Apple technology into future program designs.

The research for this project made use of primary and secondary sources, which consist of Internet resource and survey conducted for this particular topic.

Amanda Caul-Janes & Amy Corrigan


SUMMARY        1





RESULTS        4



APPENDIX        7







        The research that was conducted will outline how students will feel with installing Apple or Mac computers as a requirement for completing programs at the College of the North Atlantic – Prince Philip Drive Campus.  The form of research that was used to collect the data was an online survey of 15 people with a total of 9 questions.  After all surveys were collected and complied it was clear that 53.33% of people surveyed said that they would still attend if Apple computer systems became mandatory at the campus, while 33.33% said they wouldn’t and 13.33% were unsure.  

        After reviewing all results, it appears that the Prince Philip Drive Campus may not be appealing to as many students for changing the requirements of computer systems to Apple.  The predicted results were 70% of students would be willing to have Apple as a mandatory system.  Even if the percentage of respondent that said yes (53.33%) and the group that was unsure (13.33%) were combined, it still would not add up to the total that was expected.


The purpose of this research is to determine if students would attend the Prince Philip Drive Campus of the College of the North Atlantic if Apple computers were a requirement to complete the programs. Some Colleges have opted to make Apple technology an integral part of their program offerings. This has led to a mandatory use of Apple (Mac) computers of all enrolled students.

Prince Philip Drive of College of the North Atlantic is interested in analyzing data that reflects the current trends of College students. This data may help determine the benefits and validity of integrating Apple technology into future programming.

The research will provide College administrators with current data that will assist in decision making, regarding mandatory Apple computer use in the future.


The use of technology in education is growing rapidly in the past decade.  Computer systems include: Dell, Apple, IBM, HP and Toshiba.  Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.  Apple Inc. is an American company that services 17 countries world wide.

The company started by creating and sell computers.  It started by creating and selling computers.  It has expanded to creating other products such as: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

College of the North Atlantic is a well known learning institute in Atlantic Canada.  The College of the North Atlantic offers 17 campus locations province wide.  It serves approximately 25,000 students each year with around 100 full-time and 300 part-time programs.

One location that programs are offered is the Prince Philip Drive campus located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  This campus has approximately 2000 students per semester registered for full-time and part-time programs.  This amount does not include the other students that are completing Continuing Education evening courses.



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