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Keeping true to Socratic/Platonic methodology, questions are raised in the Euthyphro by conversation; specifically "What is holiness?" After some useless deliberation, the discussion between Socrates and Euthyphro ends inconclusively. Euthyphro varying definitions of piety include "What I do is pious to the gods," and, "What is pleasing to the gods is pious." Socrates proves these definitions to be insufficient, which leads us to the Apology.

In the defense speech given by Socrates at the beginning of his trial, he hints at a definition of holiness. "..I live in great poverty because of my service to the god" (23C). Piety, according to Socrates, is defined by one who sacrifices his own necessities and luxuries in order to better service the gods; it is the willingness of one to please the god by way of a disservice to himself; a general forfeit of life-excesses as well as life requirements.

This is a reasonable answer on all fronts. Not to say that Euthyphro was not a holy man, but he certainly could not define his own existence- which is the exact sentiment which Socrates was trying to provoke. There is a clear difference between the definition of Socrates and the definitions of Euthyphro.

There really is no logical stance for opposition. It makes sense; it clicks. Piety, holiness, is undoubtedly related to a mans service to god and his social implications because of it. It is a universal truth that cannot be disputed. Holiness is not only the general acceptance of a higher being- it is the acknowledgement of god in such a way that it exceeds the shallow affirmations of the common man, usually by acts which displace one from indulgences of society. Religious officials strive to achieve this true definition of holiness, which is made evident in their lifestyles.

Through this, we see that Socrates' answer reflects the notion that actions speak louder than words. It is your actions



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