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Mr Victor Store

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To help Mr. Victor in organizing their new store, I make an organization chart to help them designate functions to their employees. So, each one of them focus only and be effective to areas assigned. Herein attached the Organizational Chart and below is the validation why I put them on that areas. First, I consider the seniority or length of service and the capabilities of each employee.

Mr Victor and Son are designated for General Management.

Elen Soriano for Office Supervisor since she worked for 12 years here, and six years for office, and capable of bookkeeper the functions of Accounting and personnel records and store records are designed for her. She will be joined by Belinda Ruffy as an assistant.

Bong Castillo for Merchandise Supervisor- Since Bong Castillo consider as the assistant to the owners and spent 29 years in the business, he is fit to be a supervisor in Merchandising Department. This department has the major functions since its responsible for planning and maintain stocks, interviewing suppliers and writing sales, floor supervision, handling customer complaints, supervision of delivery and cooperation with other departments and housekeeping, he will be joined by June Romena as a supervisor for this department since June is really a good worker based on the data presented. They will be joined by Digna Martinez as assistant.

Laurel Fajardo- Experienced in all department and accurate in stock working, in service for 4 years, he is equipped to be a supervisor under Stock Room Department, joined by or assisted by Danilo De Guzman as stock clerk.

Joshua Bautista for Delivery Department Supervisor, Since he is a skilled worker,  5 years in the firm. I appoint him in delivery department joined and assisted by Marcelo Ramos since he is excellent in stock he can manage or track orders and deliveries.

By Organizing and it may increase the efficiency of workers. Planning helps an organization chart a course for the achievement of its goals. 



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