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Movie Analysis

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People today are so influenced by what they see on television today that they almost want to go out and do what they see. Shows about violence and drugs take a toll on the youth that watch them. The movies show power and invincibility that people think they can gain.

The movie Spun is about addiction to Methamphetamine. In the movie they try and make people see exactly what the drug user sees when they get the drug in their system. The movie shows illusions and such that a person might see if they where high on methamphetamine. It is scary to see what kind of things they see when they are high.

The movie is about this man named Ross. The movie lets us know that him and someone he loves are not on very speaking terms. He owes her 450 dollars and it does not say what exactly for, but you can assume what he used the money for by his lifestyle. In the movie you also meet a girl named Nikki. Nikki has a three-year-old son who she has only held one time since he was born. They took her son away when he was born because she was a drug user. She would rather go and get high than spend time with her son and try to regain custody of him.

In the end of the movie, Ross gives back part of the money and because he still used drugs, she told him she never wanted to see him again. The police catch Nikki and everyone who was using drugs and take them all to prison. Nikki will probably never see her son again and she is the perfect example of losing everything because doing drugs was more important to her than raising and spending time with her child.

Movies such as this show people much more than just drug use. The movie shows how they have hurt their loved ones and themselves. It shows a good example of how drugs can affect everything and everyone in your life. Drug abuse is something nobody should get caught up in. You could lose everything and anyone you have ever loved.



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