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A motorcycle is more then just a machine. The shape of the motorcycle is how the expression the bike gives off. The color of the motorcycle makes a difference. The motorcycle moves very fast. This bike would cause a person to feel like they were free.

The smooth lines that the bike has, is like art, it defines the attitude of the motorcycle. The smooth lines on this bike show a sense of freedom. The position of the seat is to make it comfortable and enjoy the ride. The long handle bars make them easy to grab. The large motor gives the idea of speed. All the chrome shows the style of the rider. The sharp edges on the exhaust show that edge that the rider has.

The silver flake on the tank and the fenders shined like the sun. The blue striping that lined the tank gave it that little extra look that made people look closer to realize the real detail and craftsmanship put into the bike. The chrome glistened in the light and shined like a flashlight. The large chrome wheels on the bike just made you want to stare for hours. The gauge shows that because of all the riding gas is needed. The odometer reads 140 that's really not fast enough. The handles have grips that are like glue, but still the bike is to fast to hold tight. The chrome rims wrapped in solid black slick tires hold the road like a magnet. The lights cover the front of the bike, and at night seem to light up the road for miles. Leather covers the seat that provides a sense of comfort like a belt might actually be there. The bags on the side of the rear wheel just large enough to hold a helmet. The rear brake light rarely lights up because the brakes are never needed always going faster and faster. The license plate tucked behind a chrome frame.

Twist the throttle and feel the power that the bike had. Just letting it sit would make people stare. Listening to loud engine roar as it flew by the house. Pulling up the front wheel because of all of the power the Harley had, causes



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