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Motivation Theory Applied to Kung Fu Panda-1

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Essay Preview: Motivation Theory Applied to Kung Fu Panda-1

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Motivation is basically a force which keeps the clock ticking. This is the force that compels a man to achieve through hard work, efforts, struggle and keep him focused.

The theory applied in the movie Kung fu panda is the theory of reinforcement that' motivate the poo the panda to achieve what he was capable of but not working hard to achieve that. The master shefu compels him motivate him to get the title of savior of the village from negative force for that master gave the panda continuous greed and force him to achieve the unachievable.


It's the anecdote around a sluggish, flippant loafer panda, named Po, who is the greatest aficionado of Kung Fu around. He used to work in his family's noodle shop however was out of the blue satisfied an old prediction, because of which Po's fantasies get to be reality and studies close by his venerated images, the fabulous Furious Five - Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey under the authority of their master, Master Shifu. In any case, before they know it, the vindictive and tricky snow panther Tai Lung is traveled their direction, since he got the news that another person has turned into the Kung Fu Master. His outrage was on another level, everybody feared him and just Po could protect everybody from the approaching danger. Po puts his heart and his circumference into the errand, and the impossible saint at last observes that his most prominent shortcomings end up being his most noteworthy qualities.


The nourishment was the wellspring of inspiration for the panda the mythical serpent warrior. He was not focusing at work so the expert shifu understood that he can be roused just by nourishment, so he prepared him utilizing treats. He could go to any degree to snatch an additional making a difference. That would incorporate, bouncing up 10 feet over the ground and doing an immaculate split to eat almond treats or battling expert Shifu throughout the last dimsum.


Po constantly revered the Furious Five and when he got to be Master of Kung Fu, he was stunned and in addition cheerful in light of the fact that he got an opportunity to watch his venerated images intently. Toward the starting Po was not able take in the Kung Fu traps yet Master Shifu watched that Po's shortcoming is sustenance, so he roused him by giving him the impetus of dumplings which prepared him. Toward the end when



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