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Moral Motivation

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There are two reasons behind the moral motivation in a daily basis; which are Physical Egoism and Ethical Egoism. Motivation may start with a selfish interest or it just because of the way they are. If we really take the motivation into consideration we really see that as the way we look human nature. We base our decisions on what is right and what is wrong. But do we know what is it that actually right and wrong is? We simply thinking that, "helping people is the right thing to do" but on the other's point of view it may not right. Hume moral motivations are based on the reason and sentiment (EMP p.246). Hobbes in Leviathan says" to seek peace and follow it " (EMP p.223). Here, I'm going to describe point of view Utilitarian theorists such as Hobbes versus Hume. Hobbes describes what he sees in humans by their nature.

Physical Egoism is going toward one of the Hobbes theories in Leviathan. Hobbes described his theories in human condition, nature laws, manners and passions (EMP p. 219-228). Take a look of this example; what is the motivation of helping people? Based on Physical Egoism helping people it's because of the way they are and Ethical Egoism the reason of helping people is to seek the self-interest. Even though the motivation is because people always do what they want to do and that breaks apart into acting selfishly and unselfishly. Is that really true that they do because they really want it to do or forced by surrounding/environment? For example, in doing this paper do I really want to do this paper because I really want to? The reason why behind this is because I forced / obligated by the nature because I want to pass the class and get a good grade not because I want to do it.

Hume's theory based on the reason and sentiment where reason is only motivating sentiment. Whatever we do in this life is based on the sentiments not because



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