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Modernized Intelligence Database

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Modernized Integrated Databases

Databases are defined as: a usually large collection of data organized especially for rapid search and retrieval (as by a computer). Without databases the world of technology wouldn’t be as far along as it is. Databases are used in every organization, online websites, home computer systems, and other various ones. The contents of this paper will analyze the use of Modernized Integrated Database (MIDB) within L3 Communications, Titan’s, Product Support Team (PST) in reference to Global Command and Control Systems-Maritime (GGCS-M).

MIDB is the worldwide general military intelligence (GMI) database for the Distributed Production Program (DPP) to provide GMI intelligence to the war fighter. Among the major tasks of the MIDB is the integration of various types of intelligence data (such as text, images and maps) in a representation that is transparent to the analyst. Current implementations force analysts to query disparate databases to form a comprehensive overview. With MIDB analysts would access the full range of information from a single the desktop interface, which is ran by Sybase version 12.5 for this particular setup within GCCS-M Version

GCCS-M utilizes the MIDB for a multitude of reasons, one being replication. Replication is the synchronization between data within different sources. One of the PST’s responsibilities is to answer trouble tickets regarding this particular database. PST provides steps on how to replicate this database from one Navy ship to another. The replication between naval ships and the databases kept on land sites are essential for intelligence to happen. Every ship out to sea today has a database they keep with all the intelligence gathered. This intel is shared among the whole fleet and throughout the different branches of service. MIDB is providing a common database architecture between the national database MIDB and the service tactical systems of the Navy’s Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS), Air Force’s CIS and the Marine

Modernized Integrated Databases

Corps’ Intelligence Analysis System (IAS) taking migration to a higher plateau. MIDB is also providing segmented software for compliance with the Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE), and integration of the Joint Mapping Tool Kit (JMTK) mapping migration system.

GCCS-M is loaded with a GMI database during the installation. This database is synchronized with a land site that has the same database. Once prepared for replication, the process begins. The process to use file transfer protocol (FTP) to gather all the files takes a consistent 24-48 hours depending on the size of your database replicating.

Some great advantage of having database usage is being able to store an abundance of data all in one location.



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