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Mississippi Trial 1995

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While reading the novel, “Mississippi Trial, 1955” by: Chris Crowe then reading the articles, “In Till’s shadow” by: Christopher Metress, “Widow of Emmet Till killer dies quietly, notoriously” by: Devery Anderson, and then “Woman linked to 1955 Emmett Till Murder tells Historian Her claims were false” by: Richard Perez-Pena Are all very comparable! All four authors present the information very well by incorporating dates, adding in details about the case that would slide by today, or even things that are not common today that were incorporated in the book as just the normal every day thing. Then, the author’s use certain techniques in the articles such as using organization, incorporating facts, and by including credible sources to convey the events in all’ve the articles present. The author’s then capture the mood of the 1955, time period by telling the reader the dates and then stating how unfair the case really was which reveals the mood was, unfair.

All four authors present the information in the article very well by including important dates, adding in details about the case that would not slide by today, or even things that are not common in this century that were incorporated in the book. In the book, “Mississippi Trial, 1955” Chris Crowe incorporated a conversation dealing with segregation on page 73. People in this century don’t have to worry about segregation or integration but in the article, they were talking about it which reveals the book did not occur in this time period. The book says “You think they’re really going to integrate?” So, Hiram was worrying about integration. People commonly worried about integration in the 50’s. While reading, the three other articles it was clear that all 3 different authors used dates of the events dealing with the case. For example, the article, “Widow of Emmett Till Killer Dies quietly, notoriously” The author, Devery Anderson, used the date of the arrest of Milam and Bryant. The article says, “Milam and Bryant were arrested just after the abduction and went on trial for murder on Sep. 19, 1955.” “In Till’s Shadow” provided the date of the hanging concerning Raynard Johnson. Which Presents the article very good by providing the order of events concerning the murder of Emmett Till. Lastly, “Woman Linked to 1955 Emmett Till murder Tells Historian her Claims were false” Includes the date which Emmett went to the store owned by Roy and Bryant and flirted with Ms. Bryant. By incorporating uncommon events that would happen in today’s century in the book and incorporating dates in the articles it leads to all 4 articles and the book combined to be presented very well.

First of all, all 3 articles and the book use similar techniques by using organization. In, “Mississippi Trial, 1955” Chris Crowe uses organization by using words like then, after, and also by incorporating the dates in order. On page, 111, it says “The next day, Sunday, Grampa and I both woke up feeling tired and lazy.” Then, the 3 articles also used organization. Richard Peraz-Pena used organization on page 1 the author used the words like later and the author used the years of the important events concerning the murder. The text says “The two white men who were accused of murdering Emmett in 1955- and later admitted it in a Look magazine interview- were acquitted that year by all- white, all- male jury, and so could not be retired.” So, Richard uses organization by incorporating the year and words like later to show organization. Then the other two articles whose authors are Metress and then Anderson also use organization by using the words after concerning when Milam and Bryant were arrested then Milam used organization by using the phrase “… less than half an hour later…”. So, all four authors use organization by using specific words to show the order of events. Secondly, all 4 authors incorporate facts about the case dealing with Emmett Till.

Last but not least, the different authors all include credible sources to back up their facts! In the book, “Mississippi Trial, 1955” the author, Chris Crowe, uses a credible source which will be the police! Hiram, called



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