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The Miracle Worker By William Gibson is about a young Helen Keller who at six months becomes, deaf, blind, and mute. nobody can seem to help Helen until Annie Sullivan, a young techer who come to try and teach Helen language. Keller Helens father doesn't have much faith in Helen.and Kate her mother is desperate for any type of help. And Helens half brother James believes that she should be put in an asylum. Annie and James are two very different characters, with similer charateristics.

Annie and James are two very different characters. Annie never gives up and is very strong willed and she keeps going even with all that she's been through. She doesn't like to fail and she would do anything to suceed. she is very optimistic and idependant. James on the other hand gives up very easily, he is very much a pessimist and he is no independent at all. he is very weak, and does not stand ud for what he believes in.

"There is such a thing of dullness of heart. Acceptance. Sooner or later we all give up don't we?", Gibson, 80.

Annie and James also in a way are the same. Both Annie and Jame have something form their past that they meed to overcome. Annie needs to get overcome jimmy's death, and her guilt of Jimmy's death. Annie has not let anbody in close enough to love her since Jimmy. James needs to overcome his mother and Kellers remariage. James feels like Keller has forgotten about him and his mother and replaced them with Kate and Helen. James hides behind his sarcsm and instead of sticking up for himself he runs away and hides. He needs to overcome his fear of his father.

Through out the story Annie and James both change and overcome their fears.James has changed bacause he has expressed his feelin towards his father instead of firing a comment and then taking off he figuraltivly and literally stood in way face to face with his father. He has learned to except



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