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Chapter 2 Log Book/Journal

-The Thomas Theorem:

Drawing upon my work related experience again, I see this on daily basis while focusing on the therapeutic treatment of my clients. When children/adolescents are faced with consequences directly relating from their personal behavior, that situation becomes extremely concrete, extremely real in their sometimes-myopic thought process. The odd thing is that even when faced with dire consequences, they tend to revert back to behavior that is pre-learned and possibly negative in nature.


This process by which a culture will drop certain aspects of their own heritage in order to prescribe to their new heritage in which they live. The notion that cultures remain steadfast in their overall heritages and ignore the new set of ideas, beliefs are somewhat ludicrous and impossible to achieve. One culture living and interacting in a new, different culture will assume, take certain aspects of said new culture into their own, whether its done consciously or subconsciously.

-Convergent Subcultures:

I understand this idea in terms of sociological survival and wonder if the name is synonymous with a вЂ?survival of the fittest’ mentality but with a different twist. Some cultures that understand that they are low on the “pecking order” might link themselves with the major, dominate culture at that time and in so doing, take certain aspects, ideologies as their own. It seems Darwin could have inspired this ideology.

-Amalgamation Theory:

My grandfather’s family was from Naples, Italy. Growing up and spending copious amounts of time with him I never knew that fact, he didn’t deem it important enough talk about.



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