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If you look up migraines in the dictionary it would tell you that it is a type of intense, periodically returning headache, usually limited to one side of the head. It is not limited to that it is often accompanied by nausea, visual disorders, and sensitivity to sound. Most doctors would recommend to control the migraine before it worsens, but the best to do is to get some rest in a dark and quiet room. Not everyone uses this method there are many others who have different beliefs on healing methods for migraines.

Methods range from applications like brandy, salt and potato, peach stone oil, to inhaling an English Daisy Potion, even performing a ritual. Some believe that if you compress of brandy on your head it will disappear. Others believe that if you place two discs of potatoes covered with salt if placed on breast it will sooth the pain. Another method would be to apply a peach stone oil drawn from kernels of peach stones when anointed on the forehead and temples help relief the migraine. Those who believe that by inhaling the English Daisy Potion it will alleviate the migraine, although not only limited to just migraines but to curing head wounds and clearing the mind.

There are some that perform a ritual and apply egg yolks to the head. It is believed that if a bird finds your hair and builds a nest with it, the person who lost them will suffer from headaches until, during the wane of the moon, he or she should rub egg yolks into the hair and wash it clean with running water. Then must mix some of the hair with food and feed it to a white dog. That is suppose to stop the headaches and keep them from returning.

Through out the years methods and beliefs have changed and will most likely continue to change,



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