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Microsoft And Anti-Trust Policy

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In United States, Microsoft is argued to use its market dominance in operating system to leverage the competitive success of IE. Microsoft integrated IE into Windows, making it difficult for users to uninstall and posing a barrier to their adoption of competing browsers. The regulators in United States ensure the market openness by make sure there is avoidance of unnecessary trade restrictiveness and the company follows the Competition Principles. The objective is to protect and preserve competition.

In Europe, Microsoft is argued to use its dominant position in operating systems to thwart the developers of independent software. The regulators in Europe ensure market openness by focusing at the transparency issues and make sure there is non-discrimination. The objective is to protect small, independent business firms from the economic pressures exerted by big business competition.

In Asia, South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission found that Microsoft had been guilty of bundling Windows with their program; Media Player and Instant Messenger. The regulators focus on the Competition Principles and integrated the enforcement to the consumer level so that all can enjoy the same benefits. The objective is to protect the consumer’s welfare by prohibiting deceptive and unfair business practices

The United States regulator focuses on both consumer and businesses as they protect and preserve competition that leads to innovation and “fairplay”.

The European regulator put more emphasize on businesses as they protect competitors not competition.

Contrast with European regulator, Asian regulator focus more to the consumer side. Giving more protection to consumers by forbidding unfair business practices leads to healthy competition and innovation.

According to region, an internal committee mainly to deal with this matter is established. Each responsible



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