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Michelle Spivak Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean. It is a Spanish speaking country. Puerto Ricos capital city is San Juan. Although Puerto Rico is a Spanish speaking country they also speak English. It is important for the civilians to speak English because many tourists visit Puerto Rico, and many of them are from the United States of America, and English speaking country. Their flag just like the united stats of America is red white and blue. Unlike the United States of America the Puerto Rican flag has five horizontal stripes and blue side ways triangle with one star. They countries bird is the stripe-headed tanager and the flower is the Puerto Rico hibiscus. As of July of nineteen ninety-seven Puerto Ricos population is at three million, eight hundred and twenty-eight thousand, and five hundred and six. They have good agriculture and they are most known for their silk-cotton tree. The area of Puerto Rico is slightly less than three times the area of Rhode Island. They have a mild climate. The climate is mainly tropical marine, with little seasonal temperature variations. They have a lot of mountains, and sandy beaches along most coastal areas. When it comes to natural resources Puerto Rico has some copper and nickel that they produce. They also have potential for some on shore off shore oil. They have the occasional drought, and periodic hurricanes. They have a legislature and a judiciary branch. At the moment Puerto Rico is a self governing country. Unlike in the United States when we talk about a holiday, we are talking about a holy day. In Puerto Rico they use the word holiday just for any special day. They have different holidays for different religions such as vesak, for the Buddhists, or all saints day for Christians. Puerto Ricans eat a lot of sopas, which is soups, such as cold avocado soup, or lobster soup. In Puerto Rico they eat basically about the same as we would eat in the United States in America.



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