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Mental Health - Personal Essay

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What about you?

I was in Mumbai with my family, and one evening me and my dad were on our way back home from a registration office.We pass through a Red Light district and looking at the ladies I said to my dad “ Oh my god! They literally have no self respect”.My dad replied “What about you?”

He continued, “ What about you? Do you have any self respect ? Do you know the reason behind all the prostitutes being prostitutes? That was the moment when I realised how wrong I was and I was ashamed of the way I thought about certain people. I was embarrassed.

The very next day I read about a girl being so addicted to drugs that she commited suicide and many people thought she deserved to die as for them she didn't do anything worthwhile in her life. And now i knew exactly what many people need help for and that is “mental help” and the only way I could help people overcome their illness and live a healthy life is by choosing psychiatry as my profession. Who doesn't need a psychiatrist? Businessmen, actors, singers, students, even some presidents need psychiatrists as they need to have a healthy brain to have a healthy country.

Most people don't even realise they need mental help, but they do. I come across many cases everyday that include mental health issues. Drugs, alcohol, murder, rape, suicide, they all start with a negative and weak brain. In some cases I won't even blame it all on the suspect because in this world seeing a psychiatrist makes the patient look lunatic or is looked down at.

There’s this stigma attached to mental health that it's not as important as other parts of the body. Many people don't understand that it's the brain that gives signals to all the parts of the body to function the way they are supposed to.The brain is where your decisions are made. If a person has a healthy brain, they will think deep before their actions and the rate



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