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Mediterrian World

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So many times we’ve heard the story of Noah and the flood. Man was out of control on the face of the earth and evil was running rampant throughout the earth. God was not pleased with man and decided to destroy all of man with the exception of Noah, his faithful servant and his family. God instructed Noah to build an ark so that when he destroyed the earth Noah and his family would be spared. God gave Noah specific instructions on the construction of the ark down to the smallest detail. He instructed Noah to take male and female of all living creatures on to the ark. It took Noah many, many years to build the ark. God opened the floodgates of heaven causing it to rain forty days and forty nights, which caused a great flood. All living things that remained on the face of the earth were destroyed. When the rain and flood ended the world was renewed God vowed never to destroy the earth, again by water, this was his covenant to all the earth. Each time he saw a rainbow He would remember the covenant he made with man. He told Noah to go, be fruitful, multiply and enjoy all that the earth had to offer.

The Flood Story in the Epic of Gilgamesh differs from the story of Noah because there was not one God there were many Gods. The council of the Gods met to decide how to destroy the earth. Enlic the father of all the gods, decided to exterminate mankind because humanity was in an uproar and this uproar disturbed the gods peace. All the Gods agreed accept Ea the God of sweet water and the arts. Ea was known for being very wise. He decided to break council with the other Gods and warns Utnapishtim in whom he found favor. Ea did not wish to see Utnapishtim destroyed so he told him of the plans to destroy the earth. Ea gave him instructions on how to prepare for the flood. It took Utnapishtim only seven days to build the boat. He took his family and a male and female of all living creatures as well as friends that wanted to come along. He also took craftsmen,



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