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Media Influences With Eating Disorders.

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Essay Preview: Media Influences With Eating Disorders.

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All the signs seem to point at the media for the problems of over 5% of all women with an eating disorder, but can we jump to conclusions without taking a step back and examining the other possibilities for this? It's a problem for more than 8 million women in the United States and takes the lives of many each year due to lack of nutrients and starving the body of necessary food. Eating disorders are both mental and physical conditions and are prone to everyone not just young women. The problem of eating disorders, are actually more common then people think. About 1 in every 100 women has some sort of an eating disorder. So can the media be the only logical answer to all these women's problems?

The media plays a major role in all of our lives, from learning of countries across the world to showing us the current fashion that's in style. With magazines to billboard advertisements to TV shows, we see approximately 3000 ad's everyday. This leaves a huge possibility to be influenced by some and disagree with others. All media images are not reality and are a construction of what the media creates, in hope to send a better message to the viewers. Advertisements are clearly an attempt to convince a person to buy a product. Images are touched up and recreated in hope the viewer can relate or have similarities to what is pictured, which would influence them to buy the product being sold.



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