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Measurement of Density

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Joseph Escoto


Measurement of Density


        This experiment was performed in order to determine the density of three different liquids labeled A,B, and C, a metal cylinder and a rubber stopper. The densities of the liquids were found using both a hydrometer and weight and volume measurements. For the solids we used the height and weight as well.

        When using the hydrometer, the densities of the liquids were found to be .80 g/ml, 1.17 g/ml and 1.00 g/ml and when the weight and volume was used the densities were .78 g/ml, 1.14 g/ml and .88 g/ml. The metal cylinder had a density of 4.69/2.57 g/cc and the density of the stopper was 1.1 g/cc.

        The identities of the liquid were water, ethanol and sodium chloride. The metal was aluminum.


  1. Mass- The amount of matter
  2. Volume- Amount of space occupied
  3. Hydrometer- A floating device which sinks to different levels in order to determine density
  4. Density- The compactness of matter in a substance.

Data and Calulations

Name Joseph Escoto Date 09/07/16 Lab section CMWB

a) Weight of graduated cylinder_______83.7________g

                                Liquid A                Liquid B                Liquid C

Wt.of cyl + liquid                ____107_g                118g                        110g

Wt. of liquid                         23.3g                        34.3g                        26.3g

Volume of liquid                30 ml                        30ml                        30ml

Density                        ____0.78___g/ml        __1.14__g/ml                0.88___g/ml

b) Density as determined with hydrometer:

        0.80_g/ml                1.17g/ml                1.00g/ml

Literature value:

__0.783____g/ml           1.202___g/ml          1.00__g/ml

c)  Data for metal cylinder

                        unknown No. : C

                        unknown color: Silver

                        weight _________18____________g

                        height ___________4.9_________cm

                        diameter __________1.0________cm

                        volume(a)____3.84_____________cc  (by calculation)

                        volume(b)___7.0______________ml (by displacement, 1 ml = 1 cc)

                        density(a)__________4.69_______(b) _______2.57______g/cc(g/ml)

                        identity of metal_______aluminum________

                        literature value of density___2.699________

literature source____Handbook of chemistry and physics

Density for special materials

1)  Identity and description of material:

Mass of material                 ________6.6g________

Volume of material                ________6ml________

Density of material                _________1.1g/ml_______

2)  Identity and description of material:

Mass of material                 ________________

Volume of material                ________________

Density of material                ________________

3)  Identity and description of material:

Mass of material                 ________________



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