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Philosophy Of Education

Everywhere you look education is around you. Today, education is allowing students to learn about what is going around them in their communities and in the world. Education is very important to everyday life because it allows people to discover new things and dig up things about themselves as well. Many students do not realize that their education is the most powerful weapon they can use to change the world and because of this students do not put forth their full effort.

Education must enable a man to become more efficient to achieve legitimate goals of life. Education is different from person to person. For every person education requires many different ways of teaching and different ways of learning. Education has two functions: to perform in life of a man and in the society of that man. The purpose of education is to gain the knowledge and the skills that are necessary to make informed and reasonable decisions for life.

The role of the student is to learn by doing certain things and then discovering new ideas. The person who really thinks learns as much from their mistakes as they learn from their successes. When I begin my teaching career I want my students to come to school willing to learn, because you can send a student to school but you cannot make him or her think and learn. I want my students to be willing to try their best at everything they do in my classroom. I want my students to be willing to make mistakes but also to learn from every experience that is given to them, and realize that the only mistake that one can make is when someone does not learn anything. At the same time I want my students to enjoy coming to school and learn things that they can keep with them for the rest of their lives. In order for someone to broaden their horizons, they must be willing to learn day-by-day and year-by-year.

The things that children learn in their early years



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