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Mc Donald Case Study

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The marketing process


This case study is about marketing. Marketing is based on finding out what customers want, and then providing it. McDonald's is one of the world's best known brands. Branding is a vital part of the marketing process. A strong brand presents a clear, strong message. This is communicated through logos, colour schemes, slogans and other images. For instance, a key part of the McDonald's brand is its 'M' logo otherwise known as 'The Golden Arches'.

Market research

This is needed to find out what customers want. McDonald's uses it to work out the size of its market. It can also see if the market is growing or not. This helps it to compete. Market research looks at:

types of customers and their wants

factors outside the firm's control such as changes in the economy or the law

added reasons why people buy, such as image and enjoyment of the brand.

McDonald's uses all the information to help it decide questions such as where to locate an outlet, or menu changes.


McDonald's needs to meet the wants of its target market. To do this it needs to find out what is helping it and what is not. It looks at its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the brand is a strength. It then looks at outside opportunities and threats. This is called a SWOT analysis. Its marketing plan builds on the strengths and opportunities. It makes sure that any weakness or threat has as little effect as possible.

Marketing objectives

McDonald's sets clear marketing objectives. It then develops a marketing strategy that will help it reach them. A strategy is a set of plans. Targets will be set on the way to the objectives so that McDonald's knows how well its plans



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