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Mathematics: Language of the Universe

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Essay Preview: Mathematics: Language of the Universe

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“Mathematics: Language of the Universe”

Mathematics is considered to be one of the greatest civilization achieved. Going into a conversation about the universe as a whole, imagining a story full of wonderful events where there are precise circular or elliptical orbits of planets, strange occurrences with particles, infinite galaxies, stars and constellations exists. Human beings have always looked up for nature and searched for patterns wherein they are currently bound to the solar system. Where we elected geniuses to turn their heads to the heavens who later on probe the depths of the cosmos from behind their desks. They quantify observations and use mathematical techniques to examine and discover the underlying causes of nature’s rhythms and regularities.  In the early civilizations, mathematics almost certainly came from the early human tribes that may have used math as a way of tracking phases of the moon and seasons, food or people by leaders. Mathematics doesn’t just limit this to human beings but many other animals also share their primitive sense of numbers as well.

Math is the language of the universe. There’s something very mathematical about our universe, and the more carefully we look, the more math we seem to find. So the more equations you know, the more you can converse with the cosmos. Mathematics is a good language for us, when we talk about the universe. Mathematics is the only tool we have that's useful in stating results in science, because it is a language added with logic. Mathematics contains its own sets of rules that makes it idea for writing down laws of nature. Understanding mathematics can be obtained through the changing of perspectives. Mathematics, as a representation tool, may provide us with multiple perspectives to look into. This one mathematical equation can represent a whole chapter in words and pictures.

        No longer just the language of science, mathematics now contributes in direct and fundamental ways to business, finance, health, and defense. First, it is probably the single most cited practical application for math in our everyday life; money management. People could make use of it to plan future expenditures or even set goals for themselves. Second, people could make use of it on home improvements. Basically, Some basic math skills will enable you to determine how much material you need to purchase to finish the project right. Third, math could play a role in achieving progresses on their weight goals. For example, people have most likely to determine first how much they are lifting. The uses of math for the layperson are essentially endless. Personally, I am able to use math from simple ways by calculating the orders and expenses of my food, or counting calories and make certain adjustments as needed to fit my diet situation. Mathematics isn’t always solving algebraic problems but rather it is an essential discipline in our today’s world.



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