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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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Essay Preview: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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-Introduction: Half Done      -Crosstabs                                                                                            Reflection[pic 2]

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  1. Introduction

Government’s measure of higher education participation figures demonstrate only 49% of people are proceeding to higher education by the age of 30 (GOV.UK, 2018).  Results from this show the clear challenges of motivating people into choosing higher education, as such this influenced us into carrying out research into what motivates students to enrol to university.

Focus of this research was to explore and investigate the most influential factors for student’s motivation to enrol to university. As such a survey was created, distributed and analysed.

Results attained informing conclusions for motivational research, allowing the University of Chichester to transfer and align strategies in recruitment of future and potential students.

For structuring and informing our survey design, past literature with a main focus on consumer buyer behaviour. With direct relation to Kotler’s five stage model, ‘problem recognition’, ‘information search’, ‘evaluation of alternatives’, ‘purchase decision’, ‘post-purchase behaviour’. (See diagram 1)

 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was reviewed to provide insight into what motivates people, based upon the five factors, ‘self-actualisation’, ‘esteem needs’ , ‘belongingness and love needs’, ‘safety needs’ and ‘psychological needs’. (See diagram 1)

This poster is comprised of research objectives, survey feedback and in depth analysis of data and results.

GOV.UK. (2018). Participation rates in higher education: 2006 to 2016. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Apr. 2018].

  1. Literature Review

A defining feature of this literature is an almost exclusive focus to different motivation factors that influence students to enrol to university. There are factors such as the Government tuition fees reforms which can be viewed from different perspectives and lead to results that can influence an important decision.

The nature of our questionnaire is to find out what behaviours current University of Chichester students had and have towards their motivation. All of the questions were based in an extensive range of literature ranging from opinions in reliable blogs to Government articles. As a result, we have found that there are many researches about specific factors such as the exhaustive research about university rankings influence in students.

This research is relevant to us as we were driven by the motivation subject and wanted to find out more about what other factors were hidden when enrolling to university.

We have decided to apply the five-stages consumer buyer behaviour model, to structure our presentation seen from a potential student perspective.


[pic 6]

Customer relationship management, as shown, was also a key element within our literature which demonstrates how good relations between consumers and companies creates a positive impact.

  1. Objectives

  1. Identify individual’s attitudes and motivations for university enrolment.
  2. Establish if university is vital for success, and analyse factors which can hinder or increase student’s motivation for enrolment.
  3. Determine what factors attract students to enrol to the University of Chichester?
  1. Methodology

Our research is based on primary and secondary data obtained from quantitative and qualitative research methods, we used these to compare existing theories and data with the results from our questionnaire.

For the purpose of this research, 150 University of Chichester students have been personally surveyed in order to determine the most influential factors to enrol to university.

Our questionnaire was distributed to all students who attend to University of Chichester via email, thus allowing us to reach a wide and diverse pool of respondents. The survey questions were designed as non-compulsory to allow certain questions to be avoided whilst still maintaining other data from questions answered. On top of this, anonymity and confidentiality were implemented due to specific questions requiring sensitive and personal information as well as complying with the Data Protection Act (, 2018).



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