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Marvel Vs Dc: A Super Showdown of Heroic Magnitude

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Essay Preview: Marvel Vs Dc: A Super Showdown of Heroic Magnitude

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Marvel VS DC: A Super Showdown of Heroic Magnitude

I Love comic books with a passion. Whether I am waiting at the Doctors office or just reading one that catches my eye at the library, comic books are a part of everyone's life. However, when growing up there was always a debate on who was better of the comic book dynasties, Marvel or DC. They were rivals since 1930's and people would debate on who had the better fan base and overall bragging rights, but it wasn’t the type of fights that they would brawls to get there point across, they would battle with art, better stories, characters and their development and let you be the judge on who's better. Some would argue that DC is better not just because they are older than marvel by five years, but that they created they strongest heroes in fictional history... Superman, and the fastest superhero... The Flash. If you were to go to a superhero convention, some fans would say DC is master of the "larger than life" roles their heroes face and the accolades they have under their belt separately. These are compelling arguments for the supremacy of DC.

There is no comparison, Marvel is hands down the better of the two.

Superheroes are human like us no exception. They feel everything we feel that’s why we relate to them so much. They are just like any normal person except they have God given abilities and a moral they have been entrusted to them somewhere along the way, they inspire us and show us the best of what we can become. They know affection and romance, think like us, and as bad as it sounds they have weaknesses like you and I that they don’t want nobody to find out. They are tempted by bad decisions when the moment presents itself such as killing the villain they know could wreak havoc in the mere future but chooses to make the right call. Those things are why people are so engaged in superheroes. They have social life's outside of the mask and the alter ego's and hang out with friends and go on dates once in a while. They have egos, some more bigger than others. They have dreams and ambitions, and like each and every one of us tend to do, hold malice and grudges every once in a while. When you think about it a superhero is like the rest of us, just stronger, faster.

First example, of what heroes are supposed to be like are the X-Men which are a part of marvel. They are all mutants. people who are suffering a genetic mutation which wasn’t their fault and in result of the powers the obtain, they become outcasts and they live in secret because of it. The reason why they isolate and alienate themselves is because everybody that isn't a mutant hate and fears them and would do anything to get rid of them permanently even though the mutants are just like them and would at the end the day help the people that despise them so much. However, the X-Men defies expectation of how a hero should be relatable and shows us that there's more than meets the eye. Examples like Beast being a genius but losing his looks for blue fur and fangs. Professor Xavier who has been in a wheelchair and seem like an old man but is a very powerful leader and a father figure role to every one of the mutants. Even the villain known as Magneto formerly Professor Xavier's friend, who was A survivor of the holocaust and believes they are going through it all over again but for mutants which is why he is who he is.

DC's champion...Superman, has literally none of the human traits that make him like a human or make him relatable. He's just a boy scout in pajamas that saves the day and thinks life is all sunshine and rainbows. Sure, he is still iconic and one of the greatest super heroes of all time, but can get really repetitive and boring, because he's not really a person just an alien from outer space who is basically god trying to live with humans

Another example from DC is the dark knight, Batman. Struggling with the same guilt of losing his parents he uses this fury to protect people so no has to go through what he went through. To be honest, I love Batman and think hes one of the best DC has to offer not because of the way he beats his villains using wits and not take their lives. But, it is because of the villains. Batman is portrayed as a humorless no personality protagonist who is serious all the time while the villains get a personality such as the joker and cat woman

Now we made our first comparisons and look at the heroes



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