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Marketing for Perishable Products in Bangladesh by Happymart

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Essay Preview: Marketing for Perishable Products in Bangladesh by Happymart

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Background and Justification:

Vegetable, fruit, fish and other perishable good’s traders often use formalin and other chemicals to prolong the naturally occurring degradation process. These chemicals keep the produce looking ripe and fresh for a longer time, which decreases the amount of wastage through produce rotting and ultimately increases sales. Though this chemical decreases wastage and increases sale still it has some bad sides. Washing the produce helps dissolve some of the harmful chemicals as does cooking the produce, but some can remain as the produce is consumed by the end user. Long term consumption of these chemicals by an individual can cause different health problems.

If people knew some of the vegetables they were purchasing from local grocery store might be hazardous for their health in the long run, wouldn’t they be willing to pay more for produce that was actually good for your health and tasted a lot better? Our main focus is to solve this problem by providing fresh vegetable, fruit and fish to the consumers. At first we have to develop a simulation model that can assess the impact of different logistics systems designs (scenarios) on specific

Product quality parameters and total logistics costs, to be used on specific cases.

Supply Chain Logistics:

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Most products lose their market value (outdate) over time. Some products lose value faster than others; these are known as perishable products.

No single step or process improvement will, by itself, prevent spoilage of product. Rather, success depends on the application of several loss prevention measures.

Inspect and Review

A thorough receiving inspection combined with a review of transport temperature records is the best way to prevent poor quality product. Except for fresh meats and produce, visual inspections for damage often fail to provide sufficient information about exposure of the product to unsafe storage conditions. That makes continuous monitoring and recording of storage temperatures an essential part of verifying product quality.

Maintain Quality

With the quality of received products established, a facility’s primary focus is then on maintaining proper storage conditions. The reliable operation of equipment is essential to maintain those conditions and prevent spoilage.

Control Costs, Minimize Losses

By far the majority of spoilage losses are the result of undetected loss of refrigeration. In most instances, the spoilage occurs over a period of less than 24 hours and when personnel are not present to detect the problem. The rate at which spoilage can occur is dependent upon a number of variables. These include the amount of time the storage space can maintain temperature during a refrigeration outage, the perishable character of the products involved, ambient (outside) temperatures, and the nature of equipment operation during the spoilage period.

Temperature Alarms

Automated temperature alarm systems offer an inexpensive solution to the problem of undetected loss of refrigeration. These systems use temperature sensors to provide instant warning when space conditions stray from ideal.

Inventory Control

The final step in spoilage prevention is attention to product condition and shelf life during the storage period. Most often, this aspect of product protection is a part of the facility’s inventory control process. Technological advances provide ever more efficient means of tracking product lots based on date of manufacture or product expiration date. Bar coding and other forms of product identification have markedly reduced the risk of shipping or selling “expired” products.

Effective Spoilage Loss Prevention

No single step or process improvement will, by itself, prevent spoilage of product. Rather, success in spoilage prevention depends on the conscientious application of each of these measures

How government can help us:

Government can start forming a database of farmers and farms and start their own certification and training programmer and create an online platform for tracking trading from the farm to the market. The government has the necessary trained personnel and infrastructure on the ground across the country; they will just need to be mandated and trained. The government will need to build more testing centers across the country and expand the ones that currently exist.

A realistic strategy needs to be formulated and implemented well and the government needs to take the lead here because without the required policies and adequate enforcement of those policies in place the safe food problem will not be resolved anytime soon.


The general objective of marketing perishable goods is to ensure supply of fresh products to consumers and to provide direct marketing service avoiding the third parties that exist in the market.

Specific Objectives:

  • To provide fresh and quality products to the consumers.
  • To ensure reasonable pricing of products compared to other marketers.
  • To provide formalin and other chemical free product.
  • To contribute to the well-being of the people in the process.
  • Ensure consistency of quality and standard of the supplied good.
  • Improved perishable product processing & preservation system.

Plans regarding Project Implementation and Management:

Every project is a combination of planning and implementation. The planning refers to a specific set of programs intertwined and scheduled to be implemented both simultaneously and sequentially as per requirement.

First off all Place Selection for the shop is the most important work to do. Most of the ventures success generally depends on the place selection in a strategic zone. So, we need to select a place where it will be strategic for business.                                                                                        

It should have a proper Brand Name to start a venture. The brand name is something which is your identity to start a business. So, brand will communicate the ethical purpose of the business and appeal to our target market.

We should have a strong & efficient Supplier’s Pool. In order to run a business of perishable goods, suppliers play a very important. The more better the supplier is the more the business will succeed. Good suppliers will provide you quality product which will be your core competency among the competition.



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