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Marketing: Product Description

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Essay Preview: Marketing: Product Description

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The purpose of this paper select a product and to describe in detail the product based on the physical attributes, benefits to the customer and psychological impact. Included in this summary will be a determination if the product is consumer or business/industrial product based or both. The blend between the tangible good and the intangible service aspect of the product will also be revised.

The product chosen for this assignment is Individual package of 10 Minute Success Boil Ð'-in-Bag Whole Grain Brown Rice. The bag of whole grain brown rice comes in a see through plastic bag that has tiny holes punctured throughout the bag. The holes allow the rice to steam and cook itself when placed in boiling water. The plastic bag holds 43 grams of dry rice which makes 1 cup when cooked. 1 cup of rice per bag has two servings of a half a cup. The brown rice is precooked parboiled whole grain rice which allows it to only take 10 minutes to cook. The individual precooked rice bags come in a red and brown box. The box contains individual bags. The box is made of cardboard and can be recycled.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing and using the10 Minute Success Boil-in-Bag product. The rice is all ready pre-cooked and measured into serving sizes; this enables the consumer to know exactly how much rice to cook without having to measure it out on their own. To feed a family of four, it would take 2 bags of rice which would contain 4 servings all together. This saves the consumer time from measuring out the rice and it also preserves the other undisturbed packages of rice. The price of 1 box of brown rice is $2.50, an regular bag of brown rice that serves the same purpose but not individually wrapped is $2.35. There is not much economic difference between the two products. The Boil-in-bag route is more convenient for those cooking smaller meals on a time restraint schedule or for individuals. If a recipe calls for rice, it would be a better choice to rice now individually wrapped. To cook the whole grain brown rice, all that is needed is a rangetop, saucepan and 1 quart of water. There is also 2 other cooking options and those are cooking by microwave which would require a 2 quart microwave safe bowl and 1 quart of water or cooking the rice outside of the bag the same way it is cooked on a rangetop.

The psychological impact is geared towards more health benefits then safety, fear or social status. With more consumers becoming health conscious and eco-friendly, they are finding ways to incorporate this belief system into



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