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Marketing: Potential Competition of Apple

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Essay Preview: Marketing: Potential Competition of Apple

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Potential Competition

Apple is a very well-known household name, and the largest competitors of the iPhone are Android and Samsung each only having a 10% difference in popularity domestically (Popular Mechanics, 2015). These products offer similar service, technology, and operating systems. With a tight competition as in these three competitors, it is essential for Apple to listen to the customer base. Therefore, we have been listening and we have developed the new iPhone 7 that will surpass your expectations and be user friendly for the whole family. This chart shows international vendors, as you can see Samsung down 2.3% and Apple is up 34.9% is the number one competitor internationally for Apple (Free republic, 2015).

[pic 1]

Product Identification

Introducing the iPhone7, the new slim style and large face is combined with user friendly applications. The new iPhone 7 has many attributes that customers have been wanting which originally were offered only on the Samsung Galaxy or Android. These features include updated calendar, control center easy panel, and the renowned lock screen from the rival Android.

Product Offering and Definition

The new iPhone 7 will offer many upgrades that will include having three different iPhones available, 32 GB, 64 GB, and the 128 GB. (Popular Mechanics, 2015). The screen display will be 4.7” or 5.5” and have the 4Gspeed due to the LTE the camera will be jumping to a 21MP image sensor and a 12MP rear facing camera, and available in the popular white, space grey, gold and possibly even in rose gold These upgrades will include a stronger glass made of the scratchproof sapphire display by Foxconn, an appealing curved design like the Samsung Galaxy 6s.

These upgrades do not stop there, some of the technical upgrades will include force touch technology like the MacBook, 2Gig of RAM, 1.5 GHz Tricore processor and with the A9 chip built in , the 14/16nm technology this phone will be more energy efficient than its predecessor.(Popular Mechanics, 2015). The iPhone7 will run the popular IOS9 and include the new flip board competitor, apple news, and transports are some of the new applications that will be included in the phone.

The iPhone7 will be incorporating some of the competitors’ upgrades to keep the leverage on Apple’s side, such as the control center, lock screen, and the new calendar. Apple has also upgraded the maps program that will be included inside of the phone. With these upgrades and new technologies that have been incorporated in the new iPhone7, it is no surprise that pre-orders and customer interest are on the rise.



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