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Marketing Mix

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Developing MBA Programme

Marketing Mix

Abu Dhabi University

The 4 PC developing

Abu Dhabi University set the current Marketing Mix as the follow

Product: Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme

11 courses (8 core Course) and(3 Elective) consisting of the following :

 8 Core Courses:

Each student is required to complete the following:

Course Title Credit Hours

Marketing Management 3

Financial management 3

International Business Management 3

Advanced Managerial Accounting 3

Leadership and Communication 3

Strategic Management 3

Managerial Decision Models 3

Integrative project 3


 3 Elective Course: Student must take 3 elective course to specialize in any interested field

Course Title Credit Hours

Investments and Portfolio Analysis 2

International Financial Management 2

Human Resource Management 2

Operations Management 2

Marketing Communication 2

International marketing 2

Business Intelligence 2

Student with non business backgrounds Bachelor's are required to take the below pre course before starting MBA

 3 Pre-Core Courses

Pre Course Credit Hrs

Managerial & Organization Behavior 2

Statistics and Research 2

Financial Accounting 2

Basic Marketing 2

11 courses Abu Dhabi University should take a different decision to deliver a superior product to their customer by developing the follow

* Brand name: AHU University should build a name using the 3 concepts mentioned by the dean Dr. Khalifa Flexibility-Leadership-Excellence

* Styling: AHU is following American style, students who wants to rive their MBA should work very hard

* Service: potential and current MBA students needs more care from management: they already checked couple of university. And for that AHU should give better service, ( separate registration counter for MBA students, e-library,

* Functionality; as service MBA should work very good: which means that students should be satisfied

* Quality: an elite of PHD teacher in charge of the MBA, Dean reputation,

Price: Graduate school involves some serious commitments--not just time and money, but a decision about future and how we're planning to spend

AHU should double check with this later, price matter a lot and for that

* AHU should have a pricing strategy( a market study should be done correctly)

* Price flexibility: AHU should give their students more facility payment to don't bother the student with that through a lot of way: such as banking loan should be accepted to push more for their program EX: Wollongong university, Al hosn University, British Dubai University...

* Lower the price( new university, some customer may be afraid as they will be the first bunch having MBA you will attract more students ( in Al Hosn university : each credit is dhs.2000 included text book books, NYIT is charging less than Abu Dhabi and do have 50 years worldwide experience.

* Market demand

* Courses offered

* Diversity



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