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Marketing Communications Plan

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Essay Preview: Marketing Communications Plan

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2. Executive Summary

Batelco will have the opportunity to participate in the Cairo ICT Trade Fair & Forum 2004. In this endeavor, Batelco will join the Arab World's top IT & Telecommunications Trade Fair and Forum. This document will highlight the main objectives for participating in this forum, the products and services to be promoted, the marketing and communications objectives to be carried out, the target audience, the key messages, timing, budget, measurements and costs involved in this event.

Batelco will also have the chance to extend and strengthen its relationship with its business market through such forum, emphasizing the importance that Batelco places on its regional partners and Joint Ventures. In addition, Batelco wishes to extend and offer high-quality global Frame-Relay Services for regional as well as international companies that wish to partner with Batelco. Moreover, Batelco is pleased to announce the official launch of Batelco Egypt during this forum.

Batelco's main objectives, as mentioned above, in participating in this forum are:

* Promote Batelco as a regional company

* Publicize official launch of Batelco Egypt

* Promote Global FR Services in the region

3. Background

Batelco is re-branding its company from the inside out to its physical manifestation to customers. Marketing agencies are aware of the work being done in the area and the broad timescales we are operating to. A separate brand brief will be issued shortly once we have finalized that exercise. In the meantime, regardless of what transpires here, Batelco is changing the way it deals with its customers. In particular, it is changing the way it communicates to customers and this paper covers that post-period launch period. Important to note, these changes are evident in its entire local as well as regional operations. All Joint Ventures are going through similar changes aiming towards achieving a unified goal. This goal is to transform the company from a product-oriented apparition to a customer-oriented one. The launch of a brand new joint venture in one of the most challenging markets is a clear example of the measures in which the company is willing to venture in order to achieve this goal.

4. Introduction

The Cairo ICT Trade Forum is the biggest telecom exhibition and forum in Egypt. The Forum will be held at the Cairo International Conference Center from the 17th to the 20th of January 2006. Cairo ICT 2006 has gained its reputation in the entire region following major success in the past seven years, culminating in the outstanding event in January 2005. A report of the statistics highlighting Cairo ICT 2005's success will be forwarded to you shortly.

This will not be the first time Batelco has participated in such a forum. Recent participation in this forum was tailored mainly for the purpose of the existence of Soficom, Batelco's Joint Venture present in Egypt. After the liquidation of Soficom in Q3 2004, Batelco Corporate initiated the plan of incorporating Batelco Egypt, through which Batelco holds 100% shareholding control. For this purpose, the launch of Batelco Egypt will be publicized in this ICT Forum.

Batelco did not participate in this Forum in Jan 2005 as it was present in Gitex Dubai in October 2004. Furthermore, Batelco did participate in this Forum in 2003 and 2004.

5. Products/Services

The main service Batelco wishes to promote in this Forum is its Global Frame-Relay Service. This is due to the fact that the service aforementioned is the main form of business that is offered in all its Joint Ventures. Ergo, it is the most valid form of service to be promoted in this Forum. Batelco's Global Frame-Relay Service is also targeted to multinational corporations that operate in many countries. Therefore, Batelco's objective is to establish sufficient clientele from this Forum in order to begin offering this service immediately upon completion of its establishment in Egypt.

6. Marketing Objectives

The main marketing objective is to promote Batelco's corporate image, Batelco Egypt's launch and Batelco Global Frame-Relay Services. All Joint Ventures will also be present highlighting the objective of promoting Batelco as a regional Company.

It should also be mentioned that the new Batelco logo will be incorporated in all Joint Ventures, therefore it is of great significance that all material used are to branded with the new logo.

7. Target Audiences

As will be highlighted in the Cairo ICT 2005 report, audience presence is of various status and nature. Nevertheless, Batelco wishes to target the Business audience as well as the corporate bodies on a regional scale. It is also important for the company to be visible from a governmental perspective as the scope of this participation reaches that specific audience.

8. Key Messages

The key messages, as highlighted in the main objectives aforementioned, are:

* Promote Batelco as a regional company

* Publicize the official launch of Batelco Egypt

* Promote Batelco's Global Frame-Relay Services in the region

9. Supporting Evidence/Products

Corporate as well as marketing (Business) brochures will be available at the stands as these will be the main literature to be presented in the Forum. In addition, brochures explaining the main features of the Global Frame-Relay Service will also be available for any corporation that is interested in doing business with the company during the Forum.

10. Customer/Audience Take Out

The main messages or audience take out Batelco would like to convey are as follows:

* Batelco offers valuable services on a regional scale

* Batelco Egypt is a strong, powerful company that will serve Egypt effectively and efficiently

* Batelco's Global Frame-Relay services are widely offered in this region and is a very reliable service

11. Requirements




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