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Marine Corps. - Pne Classes

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October 7, 2018

PFC Hart

PME Class

PME is a class that the Marine Corp has. PME is an abbreviation that stands for Professional Military Education. The Professional Military Education Class teaches a wide variety of things to us Marines. The Professional Military Education class teaches us Marines progressive and career-level opportunities to help us improve our leadership, critical thinking capability, and sound tactical skills. Professional Military Education also teaches professional training, development, and schooling to military personnel. The main point of this is to teach leadership to us Marines so that when we become leaders we wont be doing to wrong and then the junior marines can learn from us. To me the Professional Military Education class is helping us Marines stay up to par on training that we do not train for during the every day life. It helps us learn things that we don’t get updated on everyday as well as a refresher even though we already learned it.

The Professional Military Education also has classes that help a Marine learn about the next rank higher for when a Marine gets promoted. One of the classes that a marine can learn from is the lance corporal seminar. The lance corporal seminar included many of the topics such as: the proper way to lead physical training and how to take initiative. The lance corporal seminar also talked about how to be a better follower so that you can understand how to be a better leader than the ones that your lead by.

I, Private First Class Hart, believe that Professional Military Education class is important because it helps develop the minds of junior marines and matures the thought process of future leaders. The Professional Military Education class also helps previous leaders further their education on furthering their junior marines. It also prepares every marine on preparing them to be in future occupations. It also helps set them up with future careers.

I, Private First Class Hart, personally believe that it also can help with personal lifestyles. I believe that as it teaches us about leadership and responsibility that it could also help teach us marines how to better our families that are at home and our home styles. I believe that it helps some people that do not know much about responsibility but learn how to be responsible and how to actually treat the people at home.

Next, I am going to talk about why I feel that this class could help a lot of junior marines. I feel that leadership is a major factor that could help a junior marine and that all Marines should obtain. The definition of leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. In the marine corps it is believe to be true that leaders are made not born. There is three fundamental categories that every marine is instructed by. Those traits are leadership objectives, leadership traits, and leadership principles. The primary objective of the Marine Corp leadership is mission accomplishment. Performing the mission accomplishment goal requires you to have a goal oriented approach. In order to achieve the goal the leader must identify long term as well as short term goals for the team. The secondary objective of Marine Corp leadership is troop welfare. Troop Welfare can be described as team welfare and also known as individual welfare when alone.

In troop welfare, that requires the leader to have empathy. The leader must have empathy so that way he or she can



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