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Marine Conservation

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Clean oceans and waterways are vital to our health and safety.Our oceans provide food and medicines.

In 2000 the total fish capture was 86 million tons.That is important so that it keeps the starvation rate down.

Coral reefs are nurseries for about one quarter of the oceans fish.Alge and polyps provide food for many

sea creatures.Coral reefs are also favorites for sea turtles,starfish,crustaceans and sharks.Over 1 billion people

rely on the reefs for food and income.Reefs provide 15 tons per sq km every year and 375 billion dollars a year.

Coral reefs also protect our shoreline communites.They serve as barriers to protect and break the force of mother

nature as in hurricanes,tropical storms and typhoons.They save the insurance companies millions of dollars a year

even though they end up spending millions of dollars a year for the shorelines that have eroded due to lack of

people caring about the envirement around them.

Scientist also have found that the sea sponges and other ocean plants can be used to make anti cancer medicines

and HIV treatments.Pollution such as gas,oil and sewage are a big problem and endangerment to our reefs.The

Clean Water Act is supposed to keep our oceans protected.But it seems that cruise ships are exempt to this.

There is no regulation to hold them accountable for this.They dump the sewage from the ships in to the ocean

and the toxin that this waste carries is in the form of bacteria.The fish eat this and



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