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Marine Biology

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Marine biology is such a varied field, that there is really no such thing as a "typical" marine biologist!

For example, a researcher working on the behaviour of subtidal snails might SCUBA dive for animals in the morning, bring them to the lab and observe them in the afternoon to collect various types of data, then go to the library and read journal articles by other scientists about her particular snail species. Then, she might do some statistical analysis of the data using a computer, write a proposal for new research, or go out in a small boat to do a plankton tow for juvenile snails.

Other marine biologists work on board large research ships, at aquariums, or in university or government research labs. Some use SCUBA diving for their work, while others do not. Some marine biologists collect most of their research data in the field, therefore spend most of their time outdoors, while others are usually working in a laboratory. Usually, live animals are studied, in conjunction with previously published scientific literature, although excellent marine biology research has been done using museum specimens.

Here's a brief outline of some of the components that make up "marine science" (although there are undoubtably more!)

Marine Biology

Ecology, Physiology, Taxonomy, Genetics/Molecular Evolution, Microbiology, Etc.

of: Cetaceans/marine mammals, marine birds, fish, invertebrates, marine plants, etc.


Deep Sea Biology

Fisheries Biology



Physical - waves, tides,currents, salinity,



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