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Mandotory Detention Of Children Refugees In Australia

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Essay Preview: Mandotory Detention Of Children Refugees In Australia

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Mandatory Detention of Child refugees in Australia

The mandatory detention of children is one of the most cruel and inhumane rules of modern day Australia. It is unfair and cruel for the children that have to undergo through this kind of trauma as it mentally and physically affects them in a way that cannot be reversed. It handicaps them, and when they finally do get released, they will find that life is much harder for them.

Mandatory detention is an acceptable and well established rule, but however, mandatory detention of children is not. Children should not have to undergo through the pain and suffering of life behind bars. A life bars should only be for those who have broken the law, not those who are innocent behind and young. These children are in the stages of their life where they need to be nurtured and cared for, in freedom, yet the detention centres prevent all of that. They are disadvantaged as a result of a system that punishes the innocent and young.

From an outset, these children are perceived as criminals. Their images appear in security mug shots, along with a barcode. Isn't that just inhumane? These young children are made to look like criminals and they are treated as a product, something that can be bought. The first photos of these young children are not happy, smiling ones with their parents in a happy family occasion. They are taken for an ID card, something that signifies their supposed wrongdoing. It's just like a criminal card, identification that they have done something wrong, yet all they have done is merely just being a kid.

This situation is in effect child abuse, and the children should be let go. They have done absolutely nothing wrong, yet are subjected to something that is classified as abuse-being locked up in barbed wire and not allowed to just live a normal life. Mandatory detention for children has some long term effects too, and they could be serious. The children in detention centres are especially vulnerable to mental diseases such as depression or bi-polar disease. These children could be led to think that they are worthless or not good enough. Furthermore,



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