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Managing A Crisis Using Pr

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"Managing a Crisis Using PR" Simulation Summary

Acting as the new Public Relations Manager at Greenergy in the simulation, "Managing a Crisis Using PR"; three public relations scenarios were completed. The following summary will provide information collected based on the choices made in each phase of the exercise. Students have been asked to demonstrate a clear understanding of the exercise and the functions of public relations by answering the following questions.

What does Proactive Planning Mean?

Proactive planning is the process of creating and refining a plan with the use of selected, relevant PR tools. Having a PR plan in place is necessary for creating and maintaining a relationship with a corporation's relevant publics. In the simulation the marketing manager advised that the area of marketing and advertising was well under control and no funding was needed from the budget provided to develop the plan. Therefore, the areas of concentration that were chosen based on the budget provided were as follows:

* Research Team Setup Plan

* Media Relations Plan

* Crisis Management and Communication Plan

What Feedback Mechanism Would you Develop in this Situation?

A rotor blade falling off one of the wind turbines at a Greenergy energy field resulted in injuries to members of the general public. The CEO and Marketing Manager of Greenergy wanted to keep quiet about the incident. In spite of their opinion, the optimum choice to be open and honest to the internal and external publics is best. By addressing the publics through a CEO address and a video news conference, facts are relayed directly from the corporation. Additionally, this immediate feedback mechanism earns the company credibility from all parties concerned.

What is an ineffectual way of deploying this plan? Give some examples of what not to do in this situation.

Because time was of the essence in providing accurate information quickly to all publics; forms of communication such as company Intranet, Extranet and e-mail, proved to be too slow in relaying important information in this case because time is needed to update such sites. While internal



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