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Management Planning And Ethics

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Today the focus of this paper will be on a multi-level marketing company. As an entrepreneur of a billion dollar company, I have learned many levels of planning. The planning function of management in my Tahitian Noni International Organization, encompass several things to achieve my goals and accomplish my planned activities. When deciding on the different types of activities to participate, the planning function consist of the resources, finances, and business strategies used.

Setting up local small group seminars, are one of the many ways to increase my group size and knowledge of each distributor or independent business owner in my group. The seminars also assist with increasing my sales production. Each seminar allows me the opportunity to introduce or reinforce the product awareness.

Events at local citywide shows such as church functions, expo's, health fairs, conventions and rodeo's are just a few of the many events used to promote my business. Prospecting is another portion of the planning process used daily with this organization.

Gatherings of new potential interested Independent Distributors and friends are another way of promoting and exposing the facts about this multi-level marketing organization and the many products available.

As a leader, in this organization it is my position to be a good manager and a great leader. My management duties include numerous events and team meetings to inspire and encourage the development of high performers. As a leader, it is my desire to create new exciting ways and opportunities to introduce our products to the public. This particular organization, Tahitian Noni International has been in existence for 10 years now. This product and company has proven itself. Tahitian Noni International was featured on the Discovery & Health Channel for a full week and the credit

ability speaks for itself in a positive way. The company has created an awesome and educational website to exhibit the numerous products available on the market.

Being an Independent owner of a business, such as Tahitian Noni International, requires constant awareness of the legal issues concerning this organization. Legal issues and requirements are mandatory when preparing advertising for all events. The legal requirements are apart of our extensive training program as a new business owner. Every Independent Distributor must be mindful not to exaggerate about what the product does for someone's health conditions. Personally, I prefer to invite the users of the product to attend some of my different events. The product users share with others what the health beverage has done for them or their families. These people have a strong impact on the increased sales production of each event.

The company legally states its position to different health claims. The company states on all literature that neither Tahitian Noni International nor its Independent Distributors make any curative claims. Since, this drink is a wellness health beverage you should consult your doctor or health care professional before beginning any Diet, Nutritional Supplement or regarding Medical Symptoms. Therefore, whenever any seminars, advertising or events need to be scheduled, as apart of management the legal concerns are required to be addressed covered and followed according to the rules for the company.

The area of ethics impacts my organizational planning by teaching the rules that govern the order of values for this multi-level marketing organization. Tahitian Noni International has rules to teach and educate about entrepreneurship. The rules teach the process of each step to starting your own business. The moral philosophy and the values of conduct such as caring about your customers and other business partners; is a very important trait to portray. Honesty is also important in every aspect of this organization. The integrity of our product is always at the front of every seminar, training or events. Respect for others is mandatory to run a successful organization. Whenever you are building a strong,



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