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Management Case Study

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By making sure that businesses are running efficiently and effectively, managers must make wise and ethical decisions to ensure a profitable and stable working condition. As shown in Case Study #1, managers will often encounter employees requesting time off due to sickness, important events, or vacation; and it will often occur around the busiest times of the year: Christmas, Memorial Day, President's Day, even Labor Day. How do you effectively schedule a minimal staff to prepare a business before and during a large event or sale especially when it is during the holidays?

When first analyzing Frank's situation, a manager must consider Frank's standing within the company. How long has he been working for the company? Is he reliable and trustworthy? Does his performance bring an effect to the field? Frank is just asking for a night off to watch his son's baseball game; he is not asking for a whole week or weekend off. Is there enough coverage if he is gone for that night? What effect will it bring if he was gone?

If I was Frank's manager I would allow him to have the night off. When looking at the given times and number of people on the staff, I find the task to stock the store in time doable. With Frank and Bobby gone, it leaves the six members of the stocking team including myself. As a manager, I would help out wherever I can to make sure that the store will be at its best for the huge sale the next day. I would ask Frank if he could stay later that night since he is asking for the next night off to stock as much as he can. With his shift cut, I would have his eight hours to give to someone else or approximately 5.3 hours to allow overtime assuming that overtime pay is time and a half. Since Don is not able to do double shifts, I would ask for him to come in early and do a double shift so he could still make it home in time to his wife. So in terms I would act as Bobby's placement and Don will take



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