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Male Sexual Diet

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Men's Health Issues- Sexual Fitness and Nutrition -How diet and nutrition affect sexuality.

Men's sexual health depends on an optimal level of fitness and nutrition. Almost all men experience a decrease in sexual desire, at one point or another in their lives. This can be due to illness, disability, fatigue, obesity, low self esteem, medications, recreational drugs, past sexual experiences, and/or loss of interest in a partner. Men's sexual health is put at risk with commonplace contributors like malnutrition and stress. Proper management of life's uncertainties is essential for men's sexual health. In order to maintain sexual health, men need to feel desire and desired, and to have their body and mind in synch.

For a healthy sex life men need good circulation (which increases sensitivity in the penis), physical vitality, and good hormone function. A balanced diet is extremely important in optimizing one's sexual responsiveness. Sexual vitality clearly decreases with malnourishment. A healthy cardiovascular system should be the focus of any diet. Low-fat, high-fiber diets along with complex carbohydrates are strongly recommended. Maintaining good circulation and a healthy weight will lead to better sexual function. Protein intake such as eggs, fish, meat or poultry, is proven to increase libido, yet excessive protein may interfere with sexuality. Cholesterol intake should be observed, if it is too low sexual function and vitality can be affected. On the other hand if a man's cholesterol levels are high this can lead to decreased sensitivity in the genitals therefore placing restraints on his pleasure.

Prescription and recreational drugs have both been linked to decreased sexual desire. Alcohol, nicotine, coffee, and marijuana are some of the pleasure drugs that may reduce sexual vitality, as can many pharmaceuticals, such as tranquilizers, anti-hypertensive drugs, particular beta-blockers, and hormones. As many as 400 over-the-counter medications are known to cause occasional problems with sexual function.

Depression is probably the most important illness implicated in low desire. Depression can reduce sexual drive, as can the drugs used to treat it. Antidepressants can cause diminished desire and problems of sexual function, such as



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