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Mad Cow

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Human Rights, Ethics

There are many concepts in starting or continuing success in a health care company. When dealing with customers that are people, you should always put them first. The ethic of your company's work should be serving your customers well.

All women, man, youth and child has the human right to the highest possible standard of physical and mental health care, without discrimination of any kind. Satisfaction of the human right to health care is fundamental to all aspects of a person's life and well-being, and is critical to the recognition of many other fundamental human rights and freedoms. Your job when leading a company should be to make sure that every person has the right to a better health care that will protect there health.

It is fundamental that the company respect the customers' rights and follow them to get a better reputation. Reputation means marketing. The better your reputation the more marketing your customers do for you. The most important point is to make your customers happy, let them get involved with the company's decisions. Let them choose what is best and what best serves them.

The basic rights of human beings, such as concern for personal dignity, are always of great importance. During illness, however, these rights are extremely vital and must be protected. Therefore, healthcare providers should make an effort to assure that these rights are preserved for their patients. Likewise, health care providers have the right to expect reasonable and responsible behavior on the part of our patients, their relatives, and friends.

A healthcare company should have a clean site of work. This eliminates duplication, which allows them to focus on other health care strategies as well as cut costs. Radiology, Information systems, Plant operations, Human resources, Planning and marketing, Housekeeping, Utility management, Maintenance of equipment, and telecommunications



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