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Ambition is the desire and willingness to do something; it is a motivating force that drives one to success. It can be said that Macbeth is driven by ambition, he is a strong and valiant warrior, and is glorified by his men. Consequently his ambition to seek more power will tragically lead to his downfall; he faces the internal fight of what is right and what is wrong.

Macbeth winning against the rebellion of the previous thane, Duncan promotes him as the new Thane of Cawdor. Surly Macbeth should be satisfied with his new position; however this only entices him too gaining more power. Upon traveling Macbeth meets three witches or the weird sisters. He is told of his prophesy of becoming the king of Scotland. The vagueness of the witches' prophesizing arouses his curiosity of how he would become king, and fuels his ambition that he can be greater then what he is now.

Macbeth's ambition has become greater knowing the fact that someday he will become king, not only does his ambition drive him to success , but now completely takes control of his actions, which will inevitably cause him to do sinful acts.

When trying to kill Duncan, Macbeth second guesses himself, he tells himself that he should wait, and acquire a higher position in a noble way; however through the manipulation of his wife Lady Macbeth, he goes through with the murder. We could see that the evil side has won, and drastically change his views; he goes through a series of murders, even the ordering of Banquo's death, a person he once called friend. He has become blinded, going down a disastrous path, all because of his ambition. Truly Macbeth has become mad through the guilt of his murders, the fear of getting caught, and the need to protect which his ambition falsely gained for him, the throne. Macbeth has lost all his sanity, not only is he not remorseful of his murders,



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