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Mabels Labels - Adjustments Needed for the Results only Work Environment

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Essay Preview: Mabels Labels - Adjustments Needed for the Results only Work Environment

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TO:                 Mabel’s Labels

FROM:         Betty Monahan, Independent Consultant

DATE:                 January 2015

RE:                 Adjustments needed for the Results Only Work Environment


Problem Statement:

The implementation of the Results Only Work-Environment (ROWE) has resulted in many benefits to your company and employees; however, there are emerging issues that need to be addressed before they become serious problems.  Such as, employee coordination which includes communication, team building to maintain the current values and culture, and assimilating new employees into the company’s culture. Managers need to stay conscientious of the ROWE model and not slip back into managing people; they need to track and measure the tangible benefits of the ROWE strategy and asses the results. Employees need to focus on results, how the results will be measured, and how they will balance their autonomy and accountability effectively. Employees need to be reminded they are managing their time and need to follow the policies and procedures of the company. Reminding employees by reiterating expectations, will allow Mabel’s Labels will eliminate the emerging issues.


Managers have a huge role to play in making ROWE a success they need to mentor, and coach employees by using acquired data to measure results. Managers and employees need additional training and technology to improve information systems and corporate communication. Managers need to be trained on how to manage someone by results and stay connected when they are not seeing people face-to-face. All employees should be reminded of the polices, procedures and expectations of the company and use the tools and technology provided to ensure a balanced work load and excellent employee communication.

In the longer term employees should be encourage to take an active role in work-place committees. These committees help to build supportive teams, bring people closer together, help to welcome new hires, make a difference in the community, in employee’s physical health and create a fun atmosphere.



All employees have been trained and the ROWE has been implemented at Mabel’s Labels. This has given employees complete autonomy and accountability, which has increased productivity and happiness. Employees are purposely hired because they are creative, they think outside the box and hold the same values as the company; having the same values is important because values are what create culture.  The company is selectively adding employees to the staff that will be good for the company’s bottom line, that are suited to the ROWE mentality, and will maintain and live the culture.

Employees not working remotely

All employees are trained and familiar with the ROWE mentality; however, not all employees, seasonal workers and the customer service team, get to experience the full benefits of ROWE because their jobs can only be done at the office. These jobs have increased flexibility and the ability to make changes to their job to make the process more effective. These employees should continue to be reminded that there is room for advancement at Mabel’s’ Labels if they would like to participate in full ROWE. This type of model cannot work for every position; however, they can take pleasure in working in a flexible environment that values and trusts their employees.


The company has taken a very modern step by implementing the ROWE, with the benefits surpassing the problems. As employees continue to work in a ROWE mentality and time passes, these problems will be eliminated.

Alternative Actions:

Of the many options available to Mabel’ Labels a couple are worthy of further consideration as solutions to the company’s underlining ROWE problems.

  1. Arrange to have staff show up to events at work

To ensure that all employees know each other and facilitate team building have a monthly pot luck that would bring joy and strengthen employee relationships. This would be a great time to lead by example and showcase the values and culture of the company. This is a good idea but I would not make in mandatory as it goes against the ROWE mentality.

  1. Do nothing

Let employees figure it out themselves; patience is what helps a culture shift to become established. Let the training and building blocks that have already been put in place work their magic. This is not a good idea, people need coaching and training to become good at something.

  1. Create work groups and specific office times for employees to work together

Have employees change who they collaborate with, on a regular basis, to become familiar with each person’s talents and skills. This will create strong working relationships and allow everyone the chance to brainstorm and be creative in different ways. Institute a day where everyone comes to the office to work together and brainstorm. This is a great idea and should be considered in the future if there are appropriate projects available.


To fix the small problems at Mabel’s Labels feedback, recognition, and transparency must happen. Managers need to capture real-time information to measure employee’s results and give current feedback. The areas that results should be measured upon include: financial goals, productivity, employee satisfaction and most importantly customer satisfaction. The results will be measured and communicated to employees which will keep them accountable and more effective. Managers need to trust their employees and provide coaching or training to build capacity and encourage innovation, this will help employees stay happy, challenged, and engaged.



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