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Love and Hate in Jamestown

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Essay Preview: Love and Hate in Jamestown

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The three ships the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery went to change history. The colony that they put at Jamestown would open the way for later in the East Coast and later the entire United States. The Jamestown colony was designed and organized by the Virginia Company of London.The author uses in the book is a lot of “ancient” words. He explains everything wit detail. The way he is writing is a formal academic english. “At that point he would be placed under the command of the swabber and given the truly Herculean task of keeping the beak head clean the beak head, a platform of open stats suspended at the bow, being the rudimentary sanitary facility that served the entire shop” This piece of evidence shows how the author uses a formal academic english.

This book is about John going into an adventure around the world and gets in a fight with the spanish people because they helped with natives, where they found a lot of disease and people starving. John Smith was having some problems working with the english people. He wasn't picked to go lead at the expedition by the Virginia Company because he was not a part of the gentry and he was just a commoner. John Smith liked working hard and getting everything done, just get the job done. Smith made many new friends as he was traveling. For example with the Powhatan people. All John’s skills help him get thru the rough times and the good times. John was a very smart person and someone who helped around a lot.



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