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"Lost" Character Analysis

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Corey Myers COMST 1545

8:00am CC=2603

The first source used was the text, Creating Competent Communication, which is our class text book. This particular book was written be Larence Hugenberg, Cary Horvath, Samuel Wallace and Donald Yoder. To give a brief accreditation of the authors Dr. Lawrence W. Hugenberg, a communications professor at Youngstown State University and Dr.Carry Horvath an assistant professor in the communications department of communications also at YSU. Dr. Donald Yoder a professor in communications at the University of Dayton and the chair of the communications department at that school. Dr. Samuel Wallace, also an associate professor at the University of Dayton. All four have collaborated individually on several publications before this text was released, in which all dealt within the realm of communication. This is a very credible source given the volume of publications they have written on the subject and the credentials of each author.

In order to explain what was taken from the text, in context of information, I believe a brief explanation of what our group is doing is in order. We are taking the Television show lost and analyzing the individual cast members for specific qualities relating to their communication roles in the show and how their character behaviors portray this. The text was a pivotal source in determining the individual roles. The material in this text on "ROLES IN GROUPS", pg.139 to 143, sums up the different types of roles in a group that one or more persons may assume in group communication. For example, my particular group communicator characteristic is the "initiator", at first I thought that I would be looking at one character in the show as the initiator but after reading the text the realization was made that the role of initiator can be assumed or portrayed by more than one character in the show. In essence, instead of being under the impression that the initiator is only one character in the show, I realized that I would have to watch the show and, although there may be more than one character that fits this role, determine who I think is the most initiative in ;decisions, actions and communication. Another point that I came to after reviewing the text is that the initiator is most often the classifiable leader of the group. These two points helped drastically cut back on the number of candidates of cast members that I could use in my portion of the group project.

The second source that I have found to be extremely resourceful is the "Lost" section on



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