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Little Mimo

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Mimo was sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree as she flipped a coin out of boredom. She had nothing better to do, so she decided to do a little game where she'd test the probability of the coin landing on tails. Unfortunately, that got really bored, really fast. "Uuh.... I want a bagel," she said, gripping the coin in her hand as she leaned forward to look around. Irath saw this girl sitting there with her coin flipped on heads.

He turned and snatched the coin and said " I will get you your bagel...""FOR A PRICE." He grinned. He sat down and stared at the coin. He started flipping it for himself, to test his luck at the game. "A price?" she asked, raising her eyebrow curiously at him. "What do you mean by that," she said, holding her stomach as it rumbled in hunger. "yes a price." irath holds out the coin.

" heads i win, tails you lose. The stakes, THE BAGEL !" irath laughed."Aw, but I'm starving!" Mimo pouted, green eyes watering up for effect. But, with a sigh, she nodded. "I'm game," she said, waiting for him to flip the coin.Irath threw up the coin. The pressure was getting to him.

As he stared at the coin as it hit the ground he was shocked to what he saw.Seeing that the coin landed on heads, Mimo groaned. "Fine, you can have the bagel... but I'm finding SOMETHING to eat!" she said, getting up to walk off into a small collage. Once there, she opened the fridge and began to dig for something to eat. Irath looked at mimo then back at the bagel."here. I dont want it anyway."He said with a frown.

" i NEED ROOTBEER!" Irath pounced onto the fridge and

shook it violently. Irath found some cheese, after 2 hours of violent shaking. "YUM. Cheese is very good for the soul." Irath then, after eating his cheese, sat on the floor and started



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