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Literature and Cultural Studies - Pure Heroine

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Essay Preview: Literature and Cultural Studies - Pure Heroine

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Ruben Tabalina

BA Literature and Cultural Studies


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On August 18, 2018 the street was painted with enchanting colors floating around. And at 7 o'clock in the morning the mesmerizing, lively and competitive dancing started to kick off. Everything was spellbinding kaleidoscope display of art, costumes, plants and the exhibition of products that were endemic in Davao.

Each contingents showcased their unique tribal storylines. Their every movement was full of poetry. It seemed like everything in their path was flourishing. They advanced, retreated, pirouetted, their arms waving from side to side above their heads, their heads swaying, their garments fluttering, their veils hiding their features, yet seeming to show glimpses of dark, flashing eyes beyond. The body jiving to the blithesome rhythm and festive beat.

Every dancer felt the music like it was a part of them; like it was their adnenaline coursing through their blood. Their movements flowed with dazzling grace that enticed and took away the breath of every person in the street, captivating every eyes of the audience with their entralling steps to every pounding of the drums.

Davao City National High School won as a Grand winner of Kadayawan Indak Indak sa Kadalanan 2018 and also clinching the Best Music in Davao Based Category. While Mati National Comprehensive High School Mati Davao Oriental was crowned Grand winner in Open Category of the competition and Asuncion National High School Performing Arts grabbed the Best Music.

To dance was freedom, to dance was to become an opening flower or a bird aloft. To feel the movement was new breath for my body and nourishment for a soul so tired. Kadayawan was like a pure heroine so addictive and euphoric.



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