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Literature Review

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The requestor’s stated objectives are to examine 1) clear articulation of the business’s value proposition 2) clarity as to the positioning of the service offerings within the target market (competitive advantages) 3) recommended promotional strategy and budget required to support the strategy.

For the purposes of this review, the team will examine and collect primary and secondary data to develop a multi-platform marketing strategy for Tandem Management Services. In line with the client’s request we will develop a value proposition given the current status of the business and outline clear competitive strategies on the basis of their offered services. Given the diversity of Tandem Management, target marketing will be based on niche markets and research will be oriented towards small businesses which have been in existence for a minimum of 3 years and are experiencing a stagnation in their growth. Tandem Management envisage to eclipse the role of a quintessential Consultant and assume the role of a Confidant who partakes in the success and the overall growth of the organisation through sustained guidance and counselling. The client deals only with “For Profit Organisations” and is interested to augment their customer base. In conclusion, this review will provide in-depth marketing strategies that will not only proliferate their current clientele that is based on a “Confidant-Client” relationship but also incorporate the untapped promotional capabilities of the online world to further legitimize Tandem Management Services’ status.


For the purposes of this review, research methods will incorporate both primary and secondary data. The primary data will be provided by Tandem Management Services in the form of developed business plans and reports outlining their current ideals for implementing marketing strategies. Furthermore, Tandem will be providing



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