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Literature And I

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Literature is a very broad topic and thus cannot be sufficiently defined. However it is often nonspecifically defined as different forms of writing with notable qualities. Literature is a form of expression used to arouse emotions and instill understanding. It is often used to communicate verbal and nonverbal material. Literature is commonly created by a creative and imaginative mind. It consists of four main forms which include drama, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. All across the world the text of literature is usually presented orally and are often composed of genres such as epics, ballads, legend, myth and folktale.

Genres of literature are the elements of various types of literature that are grouped according to specific criteria of writing. Literature is written in various traditions and genres, and these traditions and genres have customary topics, themes, and patterns of reflection and representation. Therefore these topics, themes, and patterns of reflection and representation have a rich history, and have accumulated wisdom and insight over time as many thoughtful people have contributed to their evolution. Literature, then builds on previous literature to establish rich histories of thought and expression.

Literature is important because it explores the meaning of human existence and experience in such a way that engages the reader's emotions and leads to further insight and reflection. Literature uses a normal and noncomplex method of communication which is self reflective and allows the reader to view the world in a more accurate and profound manner.

Literature contains an artistic quality that helps the reader to understand values and their individual place in society. It also allows the individual to travel across time and take a journey to a world of all new possibilities.

As an avid reader and admirer of novels and easily comprehendible text I enjoy reading all genres of literature and wholeheartedly believe that I live a more enriched life because of it. Through literature I am able to comprehend and view the world from another individual's perspective. Thus



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