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Lipton Green Tea

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Product: Lipton


⇒ Raw materials required to make the product :

Green tea is made from the top two leaves and buds of a shrub, Camellia sinensis, of the family Theaceace and the order Theales. This order consists of 40 genera of trees or shrubs that have evergreen leaves, flowers with five sepal or leaf-like structures and petals. The genus Camellia consists of 80 species of East Asian evergreen shrubs and trees. Besides the leaves, other ingredients may be added to create special scents or flavors during the drying process, such as jasmine, flowers, or fruits.

The tea plant originates in an area between India and China. There are three main varieties of this plant—China, Assam, and Cambodia—and a number of hybrids in between. The China variety grows as high as 9 ft (2.7 m) and has an economic life of at least 100 years. The Assam variety is a tree that grows as high as 60 ft (18.3 m), with an economic life of 40 years dependent upon regular pruning and plucking. The 16 ft (4.9 m) high Cambodia variety is naturally crossed with other varieties

o How is each raw material extracted? (ex. type of mining)

⇒ Location(s) of where the raw material(s) is/are mined or extracted


⇒ Location of manufacture(s): North America.

⇒ How much energy (fossil fuel) and/or water is used to produce it (if possible to find)

⇒ How much are the workers getting paid? At Unilever's tea factory in Khanewal, Pakistan, there are 745 workers making Lipton tea, but only 22 have permanent jobs while the other 723 are casual workers.The 22 permanent workers are paid a base wage of 18,000 Rupees ( 176) per month. This is the lowest level on their wage scale. In contrast the 723 contract agency workers are paid the legal minimum wage of 6,000 Rupees ( 59) per month

⇒ What are the conditions



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