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Lifestyle Of A Working Colleg Student

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All throughout our lives we have had to balance school with whatever important thing was going on at that time. In elementary school it was easy. We had to balance school and play time. In middle school it was a little more difficult because we had to balance school, our friends and the occasional relationship. High school was when it became a little tricky because it was when most of us got our first job. We then had to balance our job, friends, relationships, and school. We somehow managed to balance all of these things throughout our lives until college came along. College is a transition period for many students, most of which must learn to balance work, friends, serious relationships, and financial debt.

Having a full time job and going to school full time might sound crazy to some people, but for others it's the only way to make ends meet. As we grow up we get more responsibilities. For some of us that means just filling up our gas tank whenever it is on empty. For others however, it means paying the car and phone bill, and maybe even the rent. It means paying for clothes and food for ones self and in some cases ones' children. Some people have to work to keep food on the table and the electricity on so they can study. Others are fortunate enough not to have to work at all. Their parents help them out while they live at home with no bills, and go to school.

Not only do working students have to worry about the bills; they also have to worry about balancing their social life with their work and school life. Everyone wants to spend time with their friends and family. Sometimes trying to find that time can be a bit tricky. A working student doesn't always have the pleasure of going to a movie when they want to. They have to look at their work schedule, and their school schedules and see where they can find the time to just go see a movie with friends. Trying to find time to hang out with friends is hard, but if one has a boyfriend it makes it even harder. Everyone wants to be loved, and when one finds someone that they click with, they will try to make it work. Sometimes things like school and work can get in the way of this relationship and take a toll on it, which could ultimately end in a break up. One knows their friends will always be there for them but their significant other has the choice to stay or go. Unfortunately sometimes one has to sacrifice their relationship in order to maintain good grades , and pay their bills.

One of the main reasons most working students have a job is not only because of their regular bills but also because of financial debt, due to student loans. Getting a college education can get to be pretty expensive, and if one doesn't receive scholarships or financial aide, the money has to come out of their pocket. Some people are lucky enough to have their parents pay for most of their schooling or all of it. However, most students have to take out loans to pay for school. Having a full time job is their only means to pay for their education, and the rest of their bills

Now that the cost of living and the cost of school are going up, we have to have jobs to pay for all of our expenses. Going to work is the only way to pay off our debts. Not only can school take a toll on a person, but work can too. For some people the stress of things going on at work can take its toll on school



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