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Life Of William Marshal

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The Medieval Life of William Marshal

The medieval times was a great period in terms of community. Society was very different and was also in its transition period. During those times, there was a need for an integration of tribal life and modern community. There were other modern communities but they only lasted as long as their leader did. What is so unique about medieval life is that there was the beginning of centralized government that is present today. It was upheld by the growing population and advancement of globalization present today as well. With these new characteristics, there was less survival and more social development. There are two areas apparent in this social development: changing role of women and steadfast apprenticeship.

In William Marshal, the well-regarded knight is on his deathbed left to finalize his inheritance arrangements and make his wishes of afterlife known. It was curious to first learn that women were considered unfit to successfully survive without the supervision of a man. Marshal's wife must be transferred from her husband's to her son's responsibility because of this thought and tradition. The book indicates that the firstborn male becomes the head of household whose duty is to also marry off the other women of the family who are not spoken for. Only one daughter was not wed and it created a problem because of the dowry. Marshal was not able to set aside a dowry for that daughter and he feared her demise for this reason. As explained in the story, a favorable woman to marry is one with wealth or assets to augment the husband.

The role of women has always been the keeper of the house and child-bearer. Medieval women's roles are apparent in William Marshal since there is little dialogue from the women and mild discussion about them. In addition to these obvious labels, there was something else to be noticed. The dowries that came with the women in marriage started to become their possession as well as their husband's. Women could own the land, money and other goods that were their dowries. In the case of Eleanor of Aquitaine, she was a very coveted woman because of the kingdom that came along with her hand in marriage. Also from her province she was a representative and there was no mention for a supervising man. This was a small step for the level of equality that women possess today. Laws to do not discriminate against women; there is equal crime and punishment and opportunity.

Presently, when William



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